The installation script doesn't work: How to install OMFramework manually

  1. Rename the file catalog/view/theme/omf2/stylesheet/colors_dist.scss  to colors.scss
  2. Rename the file catalog/view/theme/omf2/stylesheet/custom_mobile_dist.scss to custom_mobile.scss
  3. Rename the file catalog/view/theme/omf2/stylesheet/settings_dist.scss to settings.scss
  4. Rename the file catalog/view/theme/omf2-min/stylesheet/colors_dist.scss to colors.scss
  5. Rename the file catalog/view/theme/omf2-min/stylesheet/custom_mobile_dist.scss to custom_mobile.scss
  6. Rename the file catalog/view/theme/omf2-min/stylesheet/settings_dist.scss to settings.scss
  7. Go to OpenCart Admin>System>Design>Layouts
  8. Create a new Layout and call it "[OMF]All categories"
  9. Click "Add route" and enter common/all_categories for root
  10. Go to OpenCart Admin>Extensions>Modules and install the "Category mobile" module
  11. Click "Add module" and set the module to be displayed on the [OMF]All categories layout. This is done to display the module upon clicking the "All categories" link.
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