What is the cost to re-activate my license after 1 year?

Let me try to explain all about license activation, first:

  1. You don't have to re-activate your license. Once you have purchased a license, you can continue using the extension for as long as you like.
  2. An active license has the following benefits:
    2.1. You will be able to email us any time for technical support
    2.2. You will be able to receive future updates, i.e. updates that include new features, for example

For a year after purchase, which is a now a standard maintenance time for lots of software programs, your license is active and you are entitled to free technical support and updates.

The cost of re-activation is: the license price - 20%. In the case of OMFramework Basic, that is $79 - 0.2*$79 = $63.2 In the case of OMFramework Multi-store the re-activation price is $129 - 0.2*$129 = $103.2

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