ProductPage Support Policy

Support & Updates

There is no limitation on updating and upgrading. You can download and install the new updates for as long as you want.

As our client you are entitled to free technical support for installation and troubleshooting, according to the terms on this page.

What does the free support service cover?

Our support team will always respond when you need:

  • Fixes for any bugs you find within our software, anytime.
  • Answers to any questions you may have about ProductPage—about its features, functionality, compatibility with other third-party software, etc.
  • Help following the procedures in the ProductPage documentation.
  • Directions about making a certain customization on your website.
  • Information about the structure of ProductPage.

Cases in which we might not be able to help

  1. Your site is under development

    The usual experience with websites under development is that “errors keep on appearing and disappearing”. If your website is currently under development, we will refrain from troubleshooting until you have finished setting it up completely. This way your problems will be fixed at once, which will save your time.

  2. Enabling 3rd Party Extensions

    We do not provide technical support for other third-party plugins, but we will surely check if the cause of your problem is in our code. It would be best to contact the plugin author, as well. This will speed up the resolution of your problem.

  3. Customisations

    Heavily customized OpenCart stores
    If many core files have been changed manually, ProductPage might not be able to function. 

    Custom theme design
    Changes in the ProductPage layout and design are considered custom work, which we currently can't offer. If you want to have a custom theme developed, please, hire a web designer to do this for you.

    Freelance sites where you can hire a professional:,

If you have any questions or doubts, contact our support team. We're always happy to help.

We reserve the right to change the support terms at any point in time without prior notice. 

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