If I want to use OMF for several domains, how much do I have to pay?

The license is not tied to your domain name. One OMF Basic licence is valid for one OpenCart installation. 

There are 2 possible ways for you to use multiple domains with OpenCart:

  1. A multi-store. If you're using a multi-store setup for your multiple domains, you need one OMFramework Multi-store license.

    To determine if you have a multi-store, follow these steps:

    1. Login to your OpenCart Admin
    2. Go to System>Settings 
    3. See if your stores are listed there with the corresponding domains. If yes, you have a multi-store setup.
  2. Multiple OpenCart installations. If you didn't find your domains in the System>Settings menu of OpenCart, you have several OpenCart installations. In this case, you need one OMF Basic (single-store) license for each OpenCart installation that you have.
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