How to use the OMF Administration in a multi-store setup

This article summarizes the features of the OpenCart Mobile Framework  Administration (Please note: The OMF Administration in OMF Lite is limited.)

You can find it in the Extensions > Modules section of your OpenCart Admin Panel.

Look for OpenCart Mobile Framework Administration in the list of modules. Click Install if it isn't already installed and then click Edit

Choose a store to customize

When you open the OMFramework Multi-store Administration you will be asked to pick a store to customize

You can see which store you're currently customizing at all times in the OMFramework Administration heading. With the "Change store" button you can also change the current store without closing the OMF Administration. 


Following is an overview of each tab in the OMFramework Administration panel:


  1. Mobile theme allows you to change the active mobile theme. Currently, there is only one theme available, but you can create a customized theme based on OMF and load it from here.
  2. The Speed up the mobile site setting is still experimental. Turn it off, if you have any issues on the mobile site.
  3. The Disable mobile site for tablets will stop OMF only on tablets, but not on smartphones.
  4. Checking Turn Off OMF will completely disable the extension. Use this option if you have compatibility issues with other extensions.
  5. Place a tick here to Disable the wishlist feature on the mobile site.
  6. Disable adding "out of stock" products to cart. Use this setting to make the “Add to cart” button inactive for products which are out of stock. Don't use this setting if you already have an extension that does this.
  7. Frontpage category list restricts the number of categories to be shown on your front page. You can leave this setting blank which will result in all categories being shown. You can also choose to display only top categories.


On this tab you have 4 settings for basic customization of the look of your mobile site.

  1. The Mobile logo setting allows you to specify a different logo for your store when viewed on mobile devices. Do not mistake it for the name of your site. The mobilelogo shows at the very top of the mobile site front page, whereas the name shows below the logo.

  2. The second setting Mobile logo size gives you control over the dimesions of the logo image. It is specified in percentage of the width of the header. You can just play with it until you get the desired results.
  3. Tick the Enable full-width images for checkboxes if you want the product images to take up 100% of the mobile site width.
  4. Custom CSS You can use this setting to apply custom styles to your mobile site directly from the OMF Administration. 

Advanced customization

This tab allows you to change the colours of the mobile theme.


  1. The Enable gradients on mobile site option is only available for the default blue theme (omf2). When this setting is unchecked, the mobile site will use the blue theme, but without gradients, i.e. it will be flat.
  2. To change the colour of an element of your mobile website, click the small colour sign of the element on the left hand side. You can either choose a colour with the colourpicker or click on the screenshot of your desktop website to select a colour from there.
  3. On first run of the OMF Admin panel, the screenshot of your desktop site might be missing. If you don't see it, click the Generate New Image button at the bottom of the page. !Please note! When generating a new screenshot do not close or scroll the newly opened browser tab. Just wait until generation is finished and the tab will close automatically.


This tab allows you to enable compatibility patches for OMF in a single click. Just tick the ones that correspond to the third-party extensions that you have trouble with. 


Desktop module loader

This tab allows you to enable desktop modules on the mobile site.

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