If I install OMFramework, can I post my OpenCart store on the Apple store and Google play?

No, but let me tell you why: A mobile app and a mobile version (like OMFramework and all other mobile themes on the OpenCart marketplace) are 2 entirely different things. A mobile app is a program that you install on your phone. It can take advantage of all the functionality of the phone like sending notifications. On the other hand, a mobile version of your OpenCart store lives in the browser on your phone. It doesn't have access to all the functionality of the phone. It can't be published on any app store, because it isn't an app.

If you decide to have a mobile app, it has to be developed especially for your store and this isn't cheap at all. I wouldn't recommend it.

But do you even need a mobile app? 
To use it your customers would have to download it. What if they don't want to install an app to buy stuff from your store? The mobile version of your store that OMFramework provides will be accessible to all of your mobile visitors. They wouldn't need to install anything on their phones. When visiting your website, they will be automatically redirected to the mobile site. No additional efforts for you, no additional efforts for them.

You can read more about mobile app vs. mobile version of your OpenCart store here: http://www.omframework.com/2014/03/20/how-to-make-your-opencart-site-lighting-fast-on-smartphones-and-tablets/

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