Is OMFramework compatible with my modules/extensions?

OMF can't be tested with every extension on the market, but this list is constantly updated. 

CMSs/Modified versions of OpenCart that work with OMF:

  1. OpenShop

Extensions that work side-by-side with OMFramework

  1. iCustomFooter (After enabling the compatibility patch)
  2. OC Advanced module settings

Extensions that will work ON the mobile site

  1. Any desktop checkout extension
  2. Any desktop content module
  3. Any payment gateway
  4. Any shipping method
  5. Ask a question about this product - Advanced by viogoopen*
  6. Blog manager
  7. Bulk image check*
  8. Corner images PRO by privatemtx*
  9. Customer Account Icons (Please follow the instructions here)
  10. iCustomFooter* 
  11. Dependent options by Ryan (rph) -*
  12. Jay Gilford's OpenCart Page Cache (v1.6). (After enabling caching for mobile sites)
  13. Nitro Pack (v1.0). (Needs a bit of configuration)
  14. OcTurbo*
  15. OpenCart Cache & Speed Pack* 
  16. Open Graph Meta tags by*
  17. OpenStock*
  18. Options Price Update Redux (Please follow the instructions here)
  19. Pav Blog (Just needs a bit of styling)
  20. Pinterest Rich Pin Plug-In Extension v1.1.*
  21. Product Color Option by WeDoWeb*
  22. Products in options*
  23. Product Series by WeDoWeb*
  24. Pro Mega Menu* 
  25. Size Chart by tymon*
  26. Smart search
  27. XCategory*

* You have to upload an addional file to get this extension working. Please contact our support team and ask for the integration.

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