How to use ProductPage with multiple products

In some cases you might have more than one product. Here's how to set up ProductPage in this case:

    1. Insert your products in OpenCart Admin>Catalog>Products
    2. Go to OpenCart Admin>Extensions>Modules and click "Edit" for the Featured module.
    3. Add the products you wish to use with ProductPage in the Featured module. 
    4. Configure the Featured module:
      1. Limit. Make sure this value isn't smaller than the number of products you have. Otherwise, some of the products won't appear.
      2. Layout
        Choose one of these:
        [PS]Product—allows you to place the product list on the front/product page
        [PS]Checkout—choose this to place the product list on the checkout page
        [PS]Success—choose this layout to place the product list on your success page(the one that your customers see after they have completed a payment)
      3. Position
        You have 2 options here:
        Content top—your content will be placed near the top of the page
        Content bottom—the content you've entered will be placed near the bottom of the page
    5. After you're done with the Featured module, you can customize the individual page of each product via the ProductPage Admin Panel.

Please note: Click Save every time you modify a different product in the ProductPage Admin panel. Otherwise, your changes will not be saved.

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