For developers: How to integrate third-party extensions with OMF?

This article is aimed at developers. Please note, that any third-party extension integration could decrease the performance of your mobile website.

OpenCart Extensions

There are two basic types of vQmod extensions that you might want to integrate with OMF.

  • A desktop module
  • A vQmod based extension

Since OMF v2.0 desktop modules can be enabled on the mobile site via the OMF Administration.

vQmod extensions still need to be integrated with the mobile theme.

Display an extension on the mobile site

A third-party vQmod extension will usually patch the controllers and the desktop templates.

Since OMF uses the OpenCart controllers, integrating a third-party vQmod extension will only require you to modify the mobile templates.

If the extension patches the desktop templates, you have two options to enable it on the mobile site:

  1. Create a custom mobile theme and modify the templates to display the data from the patched controllers.
  2. Patch the mobile templates. Make a mobile version of the vQmod extension that will patch only the mobile templates (e.g. Just copy/paste the vQmod code and change <template>.tpl to <template>_mobile.tpl). This is quick to implement, but will have worse performance.

Hide an extension that interferes with OMF

Sometimes, you don't want the functionality of the extension on the mobile site. 

The quickest way to disable an extension on the mobile site is to use one the magical expression: 

if (!(isMobile() || isTablet()) {

Take a look at the patches we have created in zzz_omf_system.xml.



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