Enable caching on the mobile site: compatibility with OpenCart PageCache by Jay Gilford

You have Caching mod/Pagecache (by Jay Gilford) installed and as a result the mobile version of your store fails to load. It may load after you delete the cache but disappears shortly after. 

Caching mod v1.6.0 (the latest version)

This version of the caching mod allows you to enable caching on the mobile site. This will speed up the loading of images. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Back up the file /pagecache/caching.php so that you can revert the changes
  2. Open the file /pagecache/caching.php in any text editor.
  3. Search for the line that says
  4. Change FALSE to TRUE (Note that you must type it uppercase).
  5. Go to the OpenCart Admin panel and remove the page cache generated by the Caching mod (there should be a special item on the main menu for that).

Previous versions of the caching mod

If you have an older version of Jay Gilford's caching mod, you won't be able to use caching on the mobile site. Instead, enable the patch for "Caching mod by Jay Gilford" in the OMF Administration.

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    hi this the same way to compability using inrease speed by tcalp?

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