How to install ProductPage

Step 1: Install vQmod

Before you install ProductPage, you need vQmod.
Get it from here:

When you’re done, check if you installed it successfully by typing

Please note, that OpenCart, ProductPage and vQmod go side by side and it is a good pratice to always update all of them when updating OpenCart.

Step 2: Upload ProductPage

After you’ve downloaded ProductPage, unzip and copy the contents of the upload directory to the OpenCart directory on your server


Step 3: Install or update ProductPage

Now it’s time to run the setup script. In your browser, type this address:

If everything goes well, you will see a success message.

Step 4: Customize and apply ProductPage as the active theme

4.1. If you're selling a digital product, add the download associated with the product

4.2. Enter some data about your product in the ProductPage Admin Panel

4.3. Go to OpenCart Admin>System>Settings


4.4. Choose Edit for your store

4.5. On the Store tab you can apply product-page as the active theme

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