How to add a logo in the header

ProductPage hides the OpenCart header. If you'd like to add a custom logo, and link to a website, for example, this tutorial should help you.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Go to OpenCart Admin>Extensions>Modules
  2. Choose Edit for ProductPage Admin Panel
  3. In the Content Modules tab add a new module
  4. Add a logo image (By the way this is how you add images anywhere in OpenCart)
    4.1. Click on the "Add image" icon in the "Content" box. 
    4.2. Click "Browse server"
    4.3. Upload the logo image 
    4.4. Don't forget to delete the width and height values. Otherwise the image won't look or behave as expected.
  5.  Click on the image and click on the "Link" icon to make the image a link.


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