How to disable ProductPage

ProductPage is a theme and extension for OpenCart. It's usually enough to change the default theme, but if you have problems with ProductPage coexisting with other extensions, you might need to disable it as a vQmod extension.

Change the active desktop theme

Changing the active desktop theme is a way to disable ProductPage

  1. Log on to the OpenCart admin
  2. Go to the System>Settings menu
  3. Choose Edit for your store
  4. On the Store tab change the active theme

Disable the ProductPage vQmod extension

If you have compatibility issues with ProductPage and other vQmod extension, you can disable the ProductPage vQmod extension.

Go to the /vqmod/xml directory and rename the following files:

  • zzz_product_page_catalog.xml
  • zzz_product_page_system.xml


  • zzz_product_page_catalog_
  • zzz_product_page_system_

This will keep your changes and will disable the extension. To enable it again just remove the '_' from the end of the filenames.

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