How to use ProductPage to sell a digital product

Selling a digital product with ProductPage requires a little bit of additional setup of your OpenCart installation. Follow the steps below and you'll have a one page shopping cart for your digital product in no time.

Add the download in the OpenCart Admin panel

  1. Log on to the OpenCart Admin
  2. Go to Catalog>Downloads and click Insert. You will see a screen that looks like this one:

  3. Upload the file you want your customers to be able to download and give it a name. You can set the allowed downloads to a very high number to allow the product to be downloaded multiple times. 

Create your product and link the download to it

  1. Now go to Catalog>Products and choose Insert. This will create a new product in OpenCart.
  2. On the General tab you only need to enter a name for your product
  3. On the Data tab you have to enter a Model. You can set this to be the version number, if it's software, for example. 
  4. Finally, on the Links tab you can link the download you've just created to the current product.
  5. Click Save

Allow the your customers to download the product right after purchase

  1. Go to Extensions>Payment
  2. Choose Edit for the payment method you're using
  3. Change Order Status to Complete 

This will enable a download button on the success page and allow your customers to download your product right away. Like it is in the ProductPage demo.

Make your digital product the homepage via the ProductPage Admin Panel

After you have created your product and linked the download to it, you can set up ProductPage to display it. 

Use the ProductPage Admin Panel to do this

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