How to translate OMA in any language

Here's how to translate OMF in your language. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 
    and create a new directory with the name of the language you'll translate to. 
  2. Copy the directory 
    admin/english/oma to 
  3. Open the file admin/language/your_language/oma/common.php  in any text editor, e.g. SublimeText. 
  4. All lines are in this format:$_['entry_password_oma'] = 'Password';Your translation must replace only the word Password in this case. For example, if you're translating to French:
    $_['entry_password_oma']    = 'Mot de passe';

If you'd like to help other people who have this problem, you can send us your translations through the contact form on this website. We'll include the translations in the next release of OMA.

Please note: If you're editing the file on a Mac, do not replace the single quotes ('). Otherwise, the translation will become invalid.

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