How to disable/uninstall the extension

To disable OMF you don't need to delete it from your server.

Option 1: Via the OMF Admin panel

  1. Go to OpenCart Admin>Extensions>Modules.
  2. Find the OpenCart Mobile Framework Administration and choose “Edit”. 
  3. On the “General” tab you have the option to completely turn off the extension.
  4. Click “Save”.

Option 2: By renaming the OMF vQmod files

If you don't have access to the OMF Administration, you can rename the OMF XML files. Go into the /vqmod/xml directory and rename the following files:

  • zzz_om_common.xml
  • zzz_omf_admin.xml
  • zzz_omf_catalog.xml
  • zzz_omf_system.xml


  • zzz_om_common.xml_
  • zzz_omf_admin.xml_
  • zzz_omf_catalog.xml_
  • zzz_omf_system.xml_

This will keep your changes and will completely disable the extension. To enable it again just remove the '_' from the end of the filenames.

Please, note: If you have OpenCart Mobile Admin (OMA) installed, disable it, too

If the above methods don't work

If none of the above disables OMF or you see error messages, try these:

  1. Uninstall all mobile modules
    1. Go to the OpenCart admin>Extensions>Modules
    2. Find all modules which have names ending in "Мobile"
      • Bestsellers Mobile
      • Category Mobile
      • Featured Mobile
      • Information Mobile
      • Latest Mobile
      • Paypal Express Module (Q) mobile
      • Slideshow Mobile
      • Specials Mobile
      • Welcome Mobile
    3. Uninstall the ones which are installed
  2. Look for files which contain omf or oma in their names. For example, zzz_oma_admin.xml. Rename these files, just like you renamed the files in the previous method.
  3. If you're using a caching extension, delete the cached files.
  4. Delete the vQmod cache. Go to /vqmod/vqcache and delete all files in this directory. It's safe to delete them, because these files will be generated again when it's necessary.
  5. Delete the file vqmod/mods.cache
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