The OMF First-Aid kit

If you need help urgently, trying the solutions listed below may fix your problem or at least speed-up the resolution.

First make sure everything on your desktop site functions properly (especially the checkout process and the payment gateways). Then, proceed with this document.

Have you:

 the OMF installation script? To do this type (Replace with the actual address of your  website.)

 an error message when installing vQmod. Visit If an error message is displayed, vQmod is probably not working on your website. You need to have vQmod installed before installing OMFramework.

          ...installed a caching/page speed extension recently? If you're using Jay Gilford's Page Cache, this article will help you. And here is a solution for Nitro pack

 another mobile extension/theme installed? If so, please, make sure that this extension is completely disabled, i.e. all files of the extension are deleted from the vqmod/xml directory.

          ...updated OpenCart itself recently? Note that updating OpenCart requires an update of OMF, too. If you've updated OpenCart, be sure to update OMF, as well.

 other vQmod based extensions? To check if you have conflicting extensions, follow the steps in this article:

 trouble installing the provided mobile modules? Check this article:

          ...taken a look at the System error log? This article has information on common errors found there:

 other third-party extensions or themes? We've got ready compatibility patches for some of them. More information here:

          ...tried reinstalling OMF? Sometimes files may fail to upload and this might be causing errors. Follow these instructions:

If none of the above solves your problem, you can disable OMF and contact our support team. When opening a support ticket, please, tell us what you have tried and describe the problem in as much detail as possible, e.g. send screenshots, tell us how to reproduce it step-by-step, if you have errors in your logs, mention this, too. The more information that you provide, the sooner your problem will be fixed.

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