Compatibility with Nitro pack by iSense labs

Nitro pack is a caching/page speed extension. These extensions cause compatibility issues with OMF, because they don't cache files based on the device the visitor is using. As a result, the visitor might see desktop pages on a mobile device and vice versa in a seemingly random manner. 

To make Nitro pack compatible with OMF, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to OpenCart admin>Nitro>Settings
  2. Switch to the “Minification” tab
  3. Change “Improved CSS detection algorithm” to No
  4. In the “Excluded files” box paste this code:
  5. Click Save changes
  6. At the bottom of the page click Clear minified CSS cache files
  7. Reload your mobile site and everything should be back to normal

If the above doesn't solve your problem

  1. Make a copy of the file /system/nitro/core/core.php for backup.
  2. Open the file /system/nitro/core/core.php in any text editor
  3. Near the beginning of the file (on line 29), you will see this code:
    return $returnData;
  4. Replace it with this code:
    require_once(DIR_SYSTEM . 'library/categorizr.php'); 
     if(isMobile() || isTablet()) { 
    $returnData = false;
    return $returnData;
  5. Save the file
  6. Clear the Nitro cache from the OpenCart Admin
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    Simon Chou

    Hi Gergana,

    i try this according to your instructions and it works!

    it seems when even after i clean cache using nitro pack it will not navigate to the desktop home page.

    it is important and essential! thanks to this !

    great job Gergana,keep it up!

  • 0
    Gergana Dimova

    Thank you, Simon!

    I've updated the article with the alternative solution that we applied in your case.

  • 0
    Simon Chou

    hi,thanks Gergana.

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    Awais Butt

    HI Gergana Dimova,

    Im facing similar issue on my homepage.. When i enable nitro cache, after some hits (30 mins or so) my homepage just changes to a weird page.. thats not even close to what my homepage is.. Below is what i start getting.. if you want to see my original page that is at

    Then when i clear my nitro cache, homepage works fine for sometime, then again starts creating issues. Do you think this issue is related to the issue u have posted. Please help me as due to this issue i have to bypass my homepage from cloudflare to point to some other page as it continuously creates issues..


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