How to make Google Analytics Pro plugin compatible with OMF


You can see your analytics ID at the bottom of the OMF home page and you don't receive statistics about the mobile site.


This is a compatibility issue with the Google Analytics Pro plugin for OpenCart.


Follow these steps to make the Google Analytics Pro extension compatible with OMF:

  1. First, create a custom theme:

    Please note
    that If you modify the default theme, you will lose your changes when you update OMF.
  2. Open your custom theme directory:
    Create a new directory inside of it and name it “template”.
  3. Now go to /catalog/view/theme/your_mobile_theme/template
    Here create a new directory and name it “common”.
  4. Copy the file
    to /catalog/view/theme/your_mobile_theme/template/common
  5. Open up the file
    in any text editor.
  6. Search for this text:
    <?php echo $google_analytics; ?>
  7. Copy your custom analytics code.
  8. Paste your custom analytics code in the file, replacing the line from 6.
  9. Save the file.
  10. Apply your custom mobile theme through the OMF Admin Panel:

Your analytics plugin should now be working together with OMF.

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