How far can I customize OMF?

If you're wondering how far OMF can be customized, this article will probably give you an idea. Here's a summary of the customization options:

  • You can use the OMF Admin panel, which allows you to change some basic store settings like the mobile logo and size, the number of categories shown on the front page, etc.

  • You can use some of the ready solutions in our Customization section
  • If you have knowledge of CSS, or with the help of a developer, you can further modify the CSS to style specific page elements, to hide them, even change the layout. All the styling is done via the file
    /catalog/view/theme/omf/stylesheet/mobile2.scss in OMF v2.x (/catalog/view/theme/omf/stylesheet/mobile.scss in previous versions of OMF)
    Look up the id of the element you want to style and then use the file
    to override anything in the mobile2.scss(mobile.scss)

  • You can modify the templates (some developer skills are required).This allows you to add or remove elements on the page, for example. 

    If you're willing to invest more time in this, modifying the templates can go a long way and you can completely change the layout of the mobile website.

    If you're a developer, you might need an insight on which template you need to modify to achieve the desired result. 

Please note that OMF doesn't tranform your desktop theme into a mobile theme. You can modify OMF yourself to make the two themes similar.

After installing OMFramework you will have a separate desktop theme and a separate mobile theme. The reason for this is that the default mobile theme, which ships with OMF, is optimized to load faster on mobile devices than responsive themes.

A responsive theme looks like the desktop theme on a mobile device because it is the desktop theme. It's the desktop theme squeezed to fit a smaller screen, not a mobile-optimized theme. 

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