Why do you need FTP access to my live website?


Sometimes, we might ask you to share with us your FTP details. For example, creating patches for your payment gateways or checkout extensions requires us to work on site. Every patch has to be tested before it's ready to use.

Your online store is safe with us

Often customers say: “It's a live website, I can't give you access”. We understand why you would be worried. That's why the actions we take on are very limited. Here's what we would do:

  1. Check the OMF(or OMA) installation and update it if necessary.
  2. Look around the error logs. 
  3. Sometimes we copy some OpenCart files to OMF(or OMA). 
  4. We never change files that don't belong to OMF(or OMA).

How to provide FTP access?

The faster we're able to login, the sooner your problem would be resolved. That's why, ensuring the details are accurate is crucial. 

  1. If you're not the site administrator, then you need to get in touch with your hosting company or your system administrator.
  2. When giving us the details, follow this pattern:
    1) FTP server address
    2) username
    3) password
  3. Firewall status. If you're creating a new FTP user for us to login, chances are the firewall will prevent us from logging in. So, make sure to check for firewall restrictions, as well. In this case, we will have to provide you with the IP address that will be used to access your server. 

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