How to install and use modules on the mobile site

Setting up desktop modules

Since OMF v2.0 you can enable desktop modules on the mobile site. Use the "Modules" tab of the the OMF Administration panel to choose which desktop modules to enable.

Setting up mobile modules

Mobile modules are mobile-optimized versions of the desktop modules with the same names. The only difference is that mobile modules can only be displayed on the mobile site.

*Please note: Previous versions of OMF(v1.x) use mobile-optimized modules only. There are several such modules: Bestsellers Mobile, Category Mobile, Featured Mobile, Information Mobile, Latest Mobile, Slideshow Mobile, Specials Mobile, Welcome Mobile. Mobile modules are installed just as desktop modules are.

This article explains how to set up Slideshow mobile, but the process is very similar for all other mobile modules.

Setting up Slideshow mobile

  1. Go to Extensions > Modules.There you will find Slideshow Mobile.
  2.  Click Install it if isn't installed already and then click Edit
  3. In Slideshow mobile, in particular, you have to choose a banner to be displayed. Banners are created in the System>Design>Banners menu of the OpenCart Admin.
  4. It doesn't matter what dimensions you put for width and height. The slideshow images are automatically resized according to the device the mobile visitor is using. 

  5. Choose Home layout, so that the pictures are displayed on your mobile front page. Don't worry, this will not change the way your desktop theme looks.
  6. Set position to Content top to make the slideshow appear above the site name and below the Featured items.
  7.  Click Save.
  8. Test if it is working ok. Now visit your store from a mobile device and you should see your slideshow on the front page. It will look something like that:

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